Anafæos Charity Foundation

In 2015, a charity foundation under the Apollonian epithet “Anafæos” (Luminary) was founded in memory of choral conductor, composer and lyricist, Yiorgos Serdaris. The foundation’s main objectives involve the financial as well as psychological support of vulnerable social groups through artistic events and collaborations. Yiorgos is currently presiding over the foundation and has already organized a series of concerts since its establishment, donating money to a number of other charity associations, including an enduring partnership with the Cypriot association for children with cancer and related illnesses “One Dream, One Wish.” Yiorgos and his founding team, comprised of acclaimed artists and intellectuals in Cyprus and Greece, are planning on expanding the foundation internationally in the near future. The foundation’s next goal is to launch a music and poetry contest in memory of Yiorgos Serdaris.